Amanda Habbershaw

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Amanda Habbershaw


Translator, Proofreader, English Teacher and Intercultural Trainer

English (native speaker), German, French

English: the language of international business and the sciences

English is the most widely spoken language in the world and the lingua franca of international business and the sciences. Therefore companies operating internationally need a translator, proofreader or language trainer who knows their business and helps them to communicate professionally and in a style that suits both the company and the target audience. 

Quality matters

In day-to-day commnication, it often doesn't matter if you make language mistakes as long as you get your message across. However, in other contexts, it is essential that you communicate precisely and professionally. You want to stand for quality in everything you do, which also includes communication in a foreign language. We have all come across poorly translated menus and bizarrely worded advertisements. It may be fun reading them - but, let's face it, do you want the rest of the world laughing at your English language communication?

I offer a comprehensive portfolio of language services - a "one-stop shop" that caters to all of your English language requirements: translation, proofreading and language training.

An experienced partner who understands your business

My goal is to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients and become an experienced partner who understands their business. As a translator and proofreader, I do my best to deliver high-quality texts, which read as if they were originally written in English, are adapted to the communication style of the organisation and crafted with the target reader and culture in mind. Alongside the quality of my texts, my clients value the fast, reliable turnaround and individual service that I offer.

As an English language trainer, I tailor my courses specifically to the needs of the organisation and the learners, enabling them to make progress fast and learn language that they need for day-to-day working lives.