Amanda Habbershaw

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LCCI Certified Business English Trainer

Cambridge Certified English Language Trainer

Member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATELF)

Business English Workshops


Too busy to do a weekly English course over an extended period of time? Looking for an effective and time-efficient solution?

My range of specialised business English workshops, which can be booked for varying lengths of time, are the answer to your problem:

  • Contents focus on one specific skill area and are adapted to the langauge level and needs of participants
  • Practical language for real-life business situations
  • Up-to-date teaching methods, including role plays, simulations and other practical learning activities

One thing is certain - the workshops are extremely effective and lots of fun. By focusing on one specific skill, participants make considerable strides towards better communication in the English language in a short space of time.


The datasheets below with descriptions of the workshops can be downloaded for further details.


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